49th International Philological Conference (IPC 2020) in Homage to Professor Ludmila Verbitskaya (1936-2019)

History of Linguistics

Татьяна Владимировна Клубкова
The issues to be discussed in the section "History of Linguistics" include  
- Comparative approach to the history of linguistics.
- Can we speak about "traditions" in the history of linguistics? If we have only one science, why are there local variants in the science of language? Do local options depend on the “whims” of individual academic leaders in universities or on local preferences (e.g. language policy in a multinational state, or education in a newly-formed nation), or they can be explained by longer and deeper intellectual (mainly philosophical) currents? 
- How are foreign linguistic works borrowed, perceived and translated? Why is German linguistics better known in Russia than in France?
- Why, for instance, did interest in typology arise in the USSR in the 1930s and not in any other country? Why was "mentalism" an acceptable topic for discussion in the USSR, but encountered severe opposition in the USA? - Why is Ferdinand de Saussure considered to be the father of modern linguistics in France and Switzerland, but to a much lesser extent in Russia?
– How much do linguists rely on the history of linguistics? In what way can it change their professional attitudes?
– How does linguistics differ from language philosophy? What is their relationship (if at all)? Is there a point in using the term "epistemology" in linguistics (in contrast to the term "methodology")?
– If we compare different grammars (e.g. the grammar of dependencies with the grammar of immediate constituents), is it possible to declare one of them to be better than the other? On what basis?
– How to create a good university textbook of the history of linguistics?
– History of Slavic linguistics: Slavic linguistics in the context of world linguistics; history of Russian linguistic schools.

Типологические классификации XVIII в.: Г. Жирар, Н. Бозе, А. Смит

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Самоеды: от собирательства к науке

Татьяна Владимировна Клубкова
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независимый исследователь

A Dialogue between Marr and Meillet

Sébastien Moret
University of Lausanne