49th International Philological Conference (IPC 2020) in Homage to Professor Ludmila Verbitskaya (1936-2019)

A Dialogue between Marr and Meillet

Sébastien Moret
University of Lausanne

Ключевые слова, аннотация

Antoine Meillet, Nikolaj Marr, History of linguistics, Indo-European comparative linguistics, Marrist linguistics.


In this paper that will be held in Russian, I am planning to present and analyze the contacts that existed between the two famous linguists Antoine Meillet (1866–1936) and Nikolaj Jakovlevič Marr (1865–1934). At the beginning of the XX century, Antoine Meillet and Nikolaj Marr were probably the most famous linguists in their respective worlds: Meillet as the chief of the Indo-European comparative linguistics, and Marr as the herald of the so called Marxist Soviet linguistics. These two currents are generally regarded as antagonistic and opposite, but that did not prevent Marr and Meillet from maintaining contacts and from corresponding with each other for many years. This paper aims at presenting, in a form of a dialogue, the contacts that these two linguists had with each other, what they thought of each other and what their opposition and their reproaches were based on.