45th International Philological Research Conference

History of Linguistics

Patrick Sériot
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Kleiner
The main concern of the  section ‘History of Linguistics’ is:
     • Comparative approach to history of linguistics.
     • Are there ‘traditions’ in the history of linguistics? If we have a single scientific study of language, what are the reasons of developing local versions and customs of the study of language? Do these versions appear at a whim of scholars, relate to current local problems (in particular, language policy in multi-national country, literacy projects in young countries), or are they more likely to be the result of continuous intellectual (primarily, philosophical) movements?
     • How are scholarly works on linguistics abroad transmitted, perceived and translated? How can we explain the fact that German linguistics is more well-known in Russia, than in France?
     • Why do 1930s spark an interest in typology in the USSR rather than in other countries? Why was ‘mantalism’ widely discussed issue in the-then USSR, but vehemently rejected in the USA?
     • Why is F. de Saussure regarded as a founder of modern linguistics in France and Switzerland rather than in Russia?
     • How can linguists benefit from linguistics? How can it bring advantage to practice?
     • What is the difference between linguistics and philosophy of language? What are the relations between them (if any)? What is the meaning of the term ‘epistemology’ in contrast with the term ‘methodology’?
     • Can we say that dependency grammar is better than immediate-constituent grammar or vise versa? Why?
     • What makes a good student’s book on the history of linguistics?
     • History of the Slavonic linguistics: Slavonic linguistics in the context of the world linguistics; history of the Russian linguistic schools.       

Академик А. А. Шахматов и зарождение социологического подхода к языку

Ирина Сергеевна Иванова
Университет Лозанны (Швейцария)

Норвежский диалектолог Халлфрид Кристиансен

Александра Николаевна Ливанова
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

Термин «наречие» как зеркало теоретических разногласий в лингвогеографии

Ирина Владимировна Знаешева
независимый исследователь

Обыкновенный просветитель

Татьяна Владимировна Клубкова
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

Философия языка в Германии XIX в.: жизнь и творчество К. Германна. Философская грамматика.

Анжела Валерьевна Лоза
старший преподаватель
Ярославский государственный педагогический университет им. К. Д. Ушинского